The Kingdom of Mar-Genyon

Mar-Genyon is a relatively new kingdom. Formed roughly 200 years ago, at the end of the darkwar between the two great empires of Talaruen and Dhul Gurum.

The Mageking of Talaruen and the Hammerbearer of Dhul Gurum of the time were at war, and fighting consisted mostly on the land-bridge between their two great lands.
After months of a stalemate, the martial forces of Talaruen were gathering themselves for an all-out assault. This was just a ploy, as the MageKing had wrought a terrible spell, one designed to burn the lives from the forces of the Hammerbearer’s forces as well as everything in the surrounding countryside. Due to a last minute confusion of orders, many of the forces the Mageking intended to sacrifice were not in position, and as such, neither were the Hammerbearer’s.

The spell cast, turning a large chunk of the coast and land-bridge into what is now known simply as the Badlands. Nothing lives there, and it’s covered in perpetual storms. Purple light and lightning arc across the sky, and the only thing on the windswept, otherwise featureless landscape are large black obsidian stones.

The commanders saw what it was that their own ruler had intended, and immediately seceded and claimed the land-bridge as their own. The Hammerbearer saw the destruction caused and he stunned at the extent to which the mages would go to win. He ordered the attack with renewed vigour, but when he was met with forces willing to sue for peace, and were no longer obeying the mages, the war was ended.

Mar-Genyon (or Safeland/Homeland in the old tongue) has grown to power between the two empires by showing skill at diplomacy and trade. It’s martial might is minor considerate but minor compared to it’s neighbours, and it leavens that with the threat of allying with either side to keep each enemy in check.

There are many dwarven traders from Dhul Gurum throughout the kingdom, and they’re received generally better than the emissaries from Talaruen – the history of their near extermination is a scar that runs deep, and many peoples here are descendants of the original army and it’s followers.

Dunhelm, where the campaign begins, is a duchy of Mar-Genyon.

The Kingdom of Mar-Genyon

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