Thaumatocracy of Talaruen

Ruled by the ????, the Talalruen is a forested country formed around the strength of one’s magical ability. No noble is without some level of magical talent, and often the only way of advancement is to achieve greater power or through political subterfuge.

To this end, many a noble has a set of adventurers on their payroll, out in the world to either recover artifacts of power or to assassinate other nobles to pave their way to power.

In the imperial city, located on

The Mageking is the title given to the ruler of Talaruen. The

Talaruen, to the North-East, is a land of great magic and powerful mages, ruled by the MageKing, Artraxis. His council of advisors have been promoted to their positions by a display of power and wisdom, and so are made up of many races. Backstabbing and Politicking are rife throughout the land, as the only way one can advance in station generally involves the downfall of another. The general populace live fairly quiet lives, mostly not wanting to offend a spellcaster and as such the Spellholme is inhabited almost exclusively by people with at least some magical talent.

Talaruen is primarily farmland with some mountains to the north, and most cities boast opulent townhouses and many fancy and luxurious trades. The mountains mark the boundry between the T

Thaumatocracy of Talaruen

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