Merelthea is a city of splendour and learning. It’s situated high in the Karskan Mountains near the northern coast of Mar-Genyon. The city itself has been built over a river between two mountains, and can only be easily accessed by a single trade road through many craggy passes, or through a large portal in the centre of the city that links with another in the city of Lankor.

Merelthea was originally a training city for mages, during the war. Afterwards, the city used the numerous libraries and training halls to convert them into universities for the increase of all learning. Many students there are sons and daughters of nobles, or of rich merchants.

Learning is not restricted to the upper classes though. Through the somewhat radical leadership of Vicven Silentread, the current head of the Academy, a schooling system has been put into place, where 2 days every span all children over 5 have access to free learning, for their letters and numbers. Those who wish to continue these studies and display an aptitude can petition a sponsor when they are older, to pay for their admission into a university of choice.

It’s become something of a habit for a person of note to have anywhere up to 3 or 4 young men or women under their belt, to be paraded about at social gatherings and parties talking about their current field, much in the same way nobles elsewhere support performing troupes.

Merelthea has a series of large waterwheels built into the underside of the city which catch the river and provide power for many of the inventions of the students and teachers alike. It’s a gnomish invention that was then crafted by dwarves, built in Lankor and then transported through the portal before being installed. Many of the features of the city that attract much trade and the rich to come and view the city are powered by this system.

The portal in the centre of town was an older creation of Talaruen and used to connect to a larger network. This was part of how the Magekingdom held back the Dwarven Empire for so long, even though the dwarven forces greatly outnumbered the elves. It was damaged during the war and now only connects to the factory city of Lankor, allowing travel between them only.

Merelthea is home to the largest collection of elves in Mar-Genyon, specifically high elves, attracted by their love of learning. It boasts a number of dwarves and gnomes as well, specifically those who travel through the portal between there and Lankor.

The city is run almost completely autonomously through a series of government agents, which Vicven at it’s head. a typcal rulership term is only 6 years, but everything runs smoothly enough that Vicven himself often forgets he is in charge, and goes off to wander for months at a time, and no one wants the hassle of reminding him and thus starting another election process. Vicven has currently ruled Merelthea for rough the last 47 years.


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