The Guild
Adventurers Guild. Located in Dunhelm

Dwarven Special Forces. Loyal only to high court officials and the Hammerbearer himself.

Guild of the Silvered Palm
Thieves guild operating out of Trader’s Bay, Mar-Genyon

Agents of SilverPaw Guardians
Halfling collaboration invested in protecting the rights of Halfling everywhere.

The Lost Regiment
Dwarven regiment that went into the Underdark chasing Logain’s men.

The Baleful Priests
Four holy assassins for hire. Also known to sometimes commit genocide for their own mysterious reasons

The White Hounds, Caer Anwyl, The Hunt Primal
These guys will fuck you up. But most people think they’re a myth.

Genyon Trade Alliance.
A collection of Merchant Princes in Dunhelm, Coralthea, and Golden Bounty, intent on protecting the interests of merchants in the Kingdom.


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