Dunhelm is a trading city and head of the local duchy, built on the intersection of roads between Merelthea, Spirefort, Trader’s Bay, Coralthea and Stoneshelf Bay. During the war between The Empire of Dhul Gurum and Thaumatocracy of Talaruen , the Elven General and his Warcasters had set their tents on the site that Dunhelm now sits.

In the centre of the city is a large open paved area, allowing for merchants from all over Mar-Genyon to ply their trade. Cordoned off is a smaller more prestigious area catering to nobles and rich merchants, as well as other men and women of note. Once a merchant can attain a table in this private area, it is said he cannot go any higher without marriage into a noble line, and his family’s fortunes are set for the remainder of his natural life. As such, these limited spaces are well coveted amongst merchants, and the occasional underhanded deal to hurt a rival’s business is somewhat common. The Genyon Trade Alliance does it’s best to prevent much of this kind of shady dealing, but cannot stop everything.

In the northernmost part of the city sits the poor quarter, locally known as ‘the pit’. As the city expanded, in started to encompass a local limestone deposit, that over time has worn away in the form of a small sinkhole, and caused the entire northern quadrant of the city to be a number of feet below the rest of the city.

The city boasts a large compound dedicated to the Adventurer’s Guild. Many a fortune has been made here, as well as many a life lost. Many come seeking fame and riches here, seeing an easy path, but are quickly disabused of this notion. The guild supports Dunhelm by forming sort of a local militia, as well as escorts for visiting nobles and dignitaries, clearing bandits, goblins, and solving sundry other problems.

The city is ruled by a noble family of Elves. The Duke and Duchess are elderly, and have three children, 2 sons and a daughter. It is common chatter that their youngest will take over rulership when the time comes, as he is most level headed and suited for the position.

Dunhelm is the most cosmopolitan of the cities of Mar-Genyon, it being the most welcoming to new trade goods, trends in fashion, etc. Mostly comprised of Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes. Some Dragonborn, Tieflings, and Halflings, and even Goliaths can be found here.

Surrounding Dunhelm are primarily farming communities, which support Dunhelm and even many of the other cities in the kingdom.


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